As soon as you enter the NOU Peony garden, a gentle gust of wind will bring you sweet relief. You are going to smell the delicate scent of morning dew on rose petals. Underneath of them, notes of black pepper will touch your nose for a moment. They will mess with your head but don’t give up. Go deeper into the garden. When you feel it couldn’t be better, rose petals will come back in full force, this time accompanied by irresistible peony. But that is not the end of your journey. Get ready to experience more. In the valley that is shrouded in mist you will be awaited by musk, cedar wood and patchouli. There you can stop and rest until the sun goes down.



Top note: morning dew, rose petals, black pepper

Heart note: rose, peony

Base note: musk, cedar wood, patchouli


Price 69 zł/50 ml.
Available in Rossmann.

50 ml, eau de parfum, female